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    Username (IGN):65m
    Past Username/s:Have so many alts and play on alot off them too many to name
    Timezone:UK london
    How long have you actively played on TownyRealms? weeks/months youve played with us: Weeks on factions not the towny server
    Time usually spent on the server:2-3Hours a day but if theres no one on then i wont come on
    Do you have access to Teamspeak and/or Skype?:Both yes i do if my app passes ill send you skype
    What can you bring to TownyRealms?:(Factions) i can bring alot off ideas i have to bring the community together i can help grow the community and here to help out if any 1 is rule breaking or need help then im here :)
    What do you enjoy about minecraft?:Factions
    Experience as a Staff Member:Owned my own faction server before. But also have been helper on a faction server but sadly shut down due to no funds.
    About Yourself: 15 from uk got alot off time to help out on the server cos i has no life.When it comes to being staff on a server i am very proffesinal.When i start a project i have to finish it i cannot leave it not completed. (Sorry shit app typing is not my best skill)

    GL to every one els

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