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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by bshayhoe, Jun 25, 2016.

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    May 16, 2016
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    Username (IGN):bshayhoe
    Past Username/s: PixlPlaysGames
    Timezone: GTM+00:00 / BST+01:00

    How long have you actively played on TacticalMC? weeks/months you've played with us:
    IO was here abit before it was open and was shown around, I have been a part of loaded's network for about a year but joined TacticalMC this year, I was officially a member today

    Time usually spent on the server:It depends really. Usually about an hour maybe more when I actually have some free time. As I am nearing the summer holiday I should be more active

    Do you have access to Teamspeak and/or Skype?:
    Yes, both;
    Teamspeak: bshayhoe
    Skype: PM me

    What can you bring to TacticalMC?:
    I can bring experience and knowledge to TacticalMC and also a helpful attitude and a good mindset to lend-a-hand where ever possible; Wether it be answering questions or helping a player out in other ways. I also feel that while I try to be Helpful, I treat people Firm but Fair. I also try and get people to use the systems in place to solve questions etc.
    For example, directing them to /warp info

    What do you enjoy about Minecraft?: Well, this is a tricky one. I really enjoy the freedom to do anything and also the mechanics in 1.8. I really like the sense of having groups of people be able to band together from across the globe and play as a community. I also enjoy the sandbox environment that Minecraft presents. I feel that it is a brilliant game truly deserves all the attention it gets

    Experience as a Staff Member:
    I have previously Co-Owned a server and was also Systems Administrator. I have also owned my own servers before and have good knowledge of how to handle a Community. Again, as mentioned before, I treat people firm but fair and try to not be Judgemental
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    Bshay ma man

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