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    Username (IGN): Keysaki

    Past Username/s
    : Lucario215

    :16 years old

    : UTC/GMT +3h

    How long have you actively played on TacticalMC? weeks/months youve played with us: This is my first day on TacticalMC since it is a new server

    Time usually spent on the server
    : Will be spending about 4 hours a day on TacticalMC

    Do you have access to Teamspeak and/or Skype?
    : My Skype is warrior22176

    What can you bring to TacticalMC?: I personally think that some of the qualities a good server would be a friendly, happy environment, where there is no bullying/harassment, and where every player is able to enjoy the server due to how fair it is. I think that the most important factor of running a successful server is the quality of staff members it has. A staff team that always listens and helps players, catches hackers that are giving disadvantages to others, and is always active is the key to making a server really successful. As long as the player is satisfied, we are satisfied. I am positive that I will try to bring these qualities to the server and will try my best to make players' time on this server as enjoyable as possible, I will try to help this server maintain a clean, fair environment, where there would be no hackers, bullies, or anything that would keep the server from having a clean environment.

    What do you enjoy about minecraft?: I personally have been playing Minecraft since 2012, and have been enjoying it ever since, Minecraft unleashes your creativity, and calms your mind. I usually like to play Minecraft when I'm stressed out, it really helps relax me. Focusing on mining/building would keep you distracted from the negativities that could be happening all around you. I also like that minecraft has a friendly environment.

    Experience as a Staff Member
    : When it comes to being a staff member, I have a lot of experience. I have been helping several servers with their development and have ensured that they have a safe friendly environment. I have also helped fix server bugs/issues that have been a nuisance to other players, so when it comes to fixing things, I also have some experience with that.

    About Yourself

    My name is Yahya. I go to a boarding school where I am taught to become more organised/independent. I like to play soccer and basketball,As I really enjoy sports that require teamwork. I am also considered a "sneaker head" I enjoy collecting fashionable shoes and sometimes reselling them. Also, as stated earlier, I like to play minecraft as it unleashes my creativity and calms me down, which i why I like to play the game when I'm stressed out.

    Thank you for reading my application, I hope you put it into consideration!!

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